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Very important announcement (1)

Started by Admin 2017-01-06 at 16:45
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Dear members,
At first, we sincerely congratulate the arrival of the New Year to all of users.

I am very upset as an Admin in the first place due to troubles occurred in the course of the activity of the site, and
I apologize to all users and thank you for your cooperation and patience.
As you know, the incidence of this unwanted problem coincided with sudden decision of PayPal to limit our PayPal account, so that we inform you of the process of solving problems every minute.

Despite our requests for support and help, some users have disputes to PayPal (and even Payza) due to lack of service provided by us and have demanded the full Refund amount their deposited money.
Because of the limits established by PayPal on our account, we were deprived of defending against disputes and PayPal without asking for documentation from the plaintiff returned funds to them. They were members that so many times, even more than the sum of their deposit, had withdrawals. For this reason, our PayPal account balance is negative.

Unfortunately, after the problems, moderators of the forum and support refused to continue their activities in
the site, as you see their inactivity in the forum and support (Replying To Tickets).

It should be reminded that our website did not stop its activities after Conflict with the problems and never evaded the accepted responsibilities and after limiting of our PayPal account, we have proudly been able to pay almost $2000 to the users.

With regard to paragraph 9 of our rules, some new rules are as follows:
1. There will be no possibility to register new users.
2. Earning from the activity of DR and conversion of points will not be possible.
3. Any kind of disrespect, lies, and slander against agents the site staff in the forum will lead to account suspension.

But the latest announcement to inactive users: with regard to paragraph 8 of our rules,
After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity.
Also under the laws, the balance of all suspended accounts will be reset and no objection will be accepted.

The next notice with more details will be released next week.

All the best
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Thank You @ Admin
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Thank you by info. Gracias por informar. Feliz día y Bendiciones.
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Thank you Admine!
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Thank for the Info Admin.
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Thank you Admin for the information!
It's always good to hear new updates from you. Shame that your support team turned against you though, being on your own now is pretty tough. Still, we wouldn't be here if we didn't believe you Admin :)
Looking forward to the next post, hopefully we'll find something out about the new terms of services (including withdrawing).
Hope 2017 finally brings peace. :)
Patience everyone.
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Thank You @ Admin